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  • Can I replace the bulbs in my range hood with LEDs?

  • My remote control does not work with my Cirrus Hood…what can I do?

  • What's the best way to clean the surface of my hood?

  • How often should I clean my filters?

  • How often should the non-ducted range hood filters be replaced?

  • Can I replace an Over The Range Microwave with a Range Hood?

  • Which is better, ducted or non-ducted?

  • What type of duct is best for venting a range hood?

  • What do the CFM and Sone ratings mean?

  • How much CFM do I need for my Range or Cook Top?

  • What is the CFM and Sone rating on a non-ducted range hood?

  • How are range hoods ducted?

  • What does the term convertible mean?

  • What does non-duct capable mean?

  • How far can I run my ductwork to exhaust my hood?

  • Can I exhaust my hood into my attic instead of out the roof or wall?

  • Can I install an external ventilation fan or in-line fan to boost the performance of my hood ventilation equipment?

  • How high should I mount my hood above my stove?

  • Is a cabinet above the hood required to mount the product?

  • My ceiling height is much taller than most kitchens and I want my stove on an island. What do I do about ventilation?

  • Can I remove the hood controls and mount them remote from the hood?

  • If I have a custom hood built for my kitchen, does BEST provide protective liner for their hood inserts?

  • Does BEST build custom design hoods?

  • What power units are available for custom range hoods?

  • Where do I register my BEST Range Hood?

  • Why does my new iQ hood shut off by itself?

  • Why does the fan in my range hood turn on by itself?

  • Why can’t I turn my range hood fan off?

  • My range hood fan speeds up when I’m cooking. Why?