BEST® opens up new possibilities in kitchen design

with the Cattura downdraft.

POWERFUL, YET UP TO 35% QUIETER. And in a word — beautiful.

Designing a dream kitchen doesn't have to include compromises. With Cattura, the groundbreaking new downdraft from BEST, you can design confidently, knowing it will pair with virtually any cooktop appliance — aesthetically and mechanically — in virtually any installation configuration. Designed for serious cooking, Cattura captures cooking better than any other downdraft on the market. But the quest for greater capture doesn't compromise another special feature—quiet performance. In fact, the Cattura downdraft moves air more quietly than any downdraft. Power when you need it, and open lines of sight across the kitchen when you don't. Why compromise your design?

D49M Capture

VERTEX Complete Capture Design's dual inlet ports on the face and across the arched top enable ventilation performance that rivals finest chimney hoods.

D49M Contemporary Light

Powerful LED lightbar illuminates the entire cooking surface brilliantly, even on pots and pans on the front burners, for full view of all cooking operations.

D49M Controls

Capacitive touch—control panel features easy–to–read icons, provides 2–level light, 4–speed blower control. Its sleek, seamless design wipes clean in an instant.


  • At the touch of a button the Cattura downdraft quickly rises to a height of 18" to handle serious cooking ventilation requirements and tall pots — even on the front burners
  • With the use of VERTEX™ Complete Capture Design technology, Cattura provides up to 100% capture - equal to comparable island hoods
  • The integral, self-closing cap hides the lowered downdraft completely, leaving your counter unobstructed and clear.
  • Heat Sentry™ detects excessive temperature and adjusts speed to high automatically to prevent the damaging effects from heat and increase the life of the product
  • Convenient 10–minute time–delay shut–off feature and filter maintenance reminder light for a fresh kitchen
  • Works with optional Automatic Make-Up Air Dampers

Realize design aspirations utilizing your favorite cooking appliances. The Cattura downdraft from BEST frees you from constraints that previously limited your kitchen design options and appliance choices. For the first time, a downdraft can be installed with a free–standing range, drop–in cooktops, gas or electric cooktop, slide–in range or a built–in oven with a cooktop. This ensures you can choose the type of cooking appliance best suited for your design and cooking needs.


Traditional gas or electric cooktops

Drop-In Gas

Drop–in gas range top

Free Drop-In Gas

Free standing or slide–in range

Built-In Oven

Built–in oven with cooktop

FlexBlower system installs in front of downdraft like traditional downdraft OR installs under the floor, in a side or rear cabinet to incorporate ovens, or to open up cabinet space under the cooking surface.

Front Exhaust — Blower attached can rotate for left, right or downward discharge.

Front Exhaust — Duct transition in front of downdraft when blower installed below the floor line.

Side Exhaust* — In–cabinet blower placement, left or right side.

Side Exhaust* — Transition through cabinet to blower installed below the floor line.

Rear Exhaust* — Remote transition behind downdraft to blower installed above or below the floor line.

Recirculation — Non–ducted recirculation kit can be located in the toe–kick space.

*Note: Some FlexBlower applications may require deeper cabinets. Side and rear exhaust require at least 18" of clearance to fit the blower and/or ductwork. Refer to Installation Instructions.

Accessory Product Information

Automatic Make-Up Air Damper
Specification Sheet
Installation Guide

Non-Ducted Recirculation Kit
Specification Sheet
Installation Guide

PF6 FlexBlower
Specification Sheet
Installation Guide

Range Trim Kit
Installation Guide

Gas Cooktop Seal Kit
Installation Guide

Remote Up/Down Control
Installation Guide

Cattura Parts List for Installation Types

Model Width Flex Blower CFM * Lights Finish External Blower Options *
D49M30SB 30" 600 LED Stainless Steel Exterior or In–Line
D49M36SB 36" 600 LED Stainless Steel Exterior or In–Line
D49M48SB 48" 600 LED Stainless Steel Exterior or In–Line
* Exterior and In–Line blowers provide options from 280 CFM to 1500 CFM.

Blowers sold separately.

See more installation photos at Houzz

Internal Blower Option


External Blower Options


Available Accessories

Non–ducted Recirculating Kit
Automatic MUA Damper
Transition to 8" Round
Transition to 10" Round
Charcoal Filter
Range Trim Kit
Remote Up/Down Control
Gas Cooktop Seal Kit
Extension Cable 5-ft.
Rectangular Adaptor for 1-7/8" x 19"
End Cap Trim Extension
Front Panel Rough-In Plate 8" Round
Front Panel Rough-In Plate 10" Round
90° Ductwork Elbow 8", 10"
432, 418
2- ft Straight Round Duct 8", 10"
408, 410
2- ft Rectangular Duct 1-7/8" x 19"