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Cattura Downdraft
BEST Cattura Features & Benefits Video
BEST Cattura Downdraft Installation Options
Shadowgraph Imaging Proves BEST Cattura Downdraft Has Superior Capture Ability

iQ Blower System™
Fastest Smoke Removal: BEST iQ vs Competitor V
BEST Smoke Removal Comparison – Test Parameters
BEST iQ Blower System Pressure Power Test
BEST iQ Blower System Calibration Demonstration
Quiet Advantage of the BEST iQ Blower System
Energy Efficiency Advantage of the BEST iQ Blower System

BEST Sorpresa™ Collection
The Design Tourist - Architectural Digest Show 2014 - BEST Sorpresa
Cirrus Range Hood by BEST - Sorpresa Collection
BEST Cirrus Range Hood - Ducting/Set Up
BEST Cirrus - Hood Open
BEST Range Hoods Video Gallery Volume 1

Make-Up Air Damper Information
BEST Universal Make-Up Air Damper
Residential Kitchen Make-Up Air Webinar September 24, 2013

Tips and How To
Can I install a range hood without venting it? - Danny Lipford
Is there any regular maintenance needed on my range hood? - Danny Lipford
Does an Over the Range microwave provide adequate Capture? - Danny Lipford


Vertigo Double Installation Video

To assist you in the installation of your BEST® Sorpresa® Vertigo Double range hood we have developed this series of videos to provide a step-by-step “how to” demonstration of important stages during the installation. Written instructions should always be used in conjunction with the video clips. Watch all of the videos or select just the one chapter on the step where you may have a question.

BEST® Vertigo Double Caution Statement & Parts Introduction
BEST® Vertigo Double CHAPTER 1 – Placing Template and Drilling for Location
BEST® Vertigo Double CHAPTER 2 – Mounting Telescopic Arms and Leveling the Power Units
BEST® Vertigo Double CHAPTER 3 – Attach Support Arms and Set Screws
BEST® Vertigo Double CHAPTER 4 – Install Wiring
BEST® Vertigo Double CHAPTER 5 – Install Arm Covers
BEST® Vertigo Double CHAPTER 6 – Install Ceiling Canopy, Lower Arm Covers and Decorative Shrouds